About Us

Our store is located in Lancaster City Centre and has been established since 2005. We offer a professional repair or unlocking service. We service mainly mobile phones, tablets, pc a nd laptops. We specialise in Apple products which include devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac. We also repair and unlock all other manufacturers devices.


On most devices we offer a same day repair service allowing us to quickly diagnose and fix most devices whilst you wait.On the rare occasion we don’t have the component needed to repair you handset on site we can always get it on order from our dedicated suppliers. All unlocking of mobile phones are usually done on the same day.


We have a highly skilled team of on-site technicians readily available to diagnose and fix your problems in the most time efficient and cost efficient way possible, ensuring you always get the highest standard of service possible at any given time.


If you have any questions, or if you just require a consultation, then feel free to visit our store or contact us via phone or email and we will kindly help as best as we can.

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